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In keeping with our tradition of high performance at low cost, NML has designed the X29 line of laser hardware. These products have been painstakingly redesigned from the mainstays of the industry, adding innovative new features while reducing the cost. All parts are highest quality black anodized rigid aluminum. Call for quantity pricing.

Best price on high power white light mirror!

As you probably know, 20 watt white light (broadband) mirror is very expensive. Although the typical price for low power (1W) aluminized mirror is less than $ 1 per square inch, high power white light dielectric mirrors typically go for around $30 - $50 per square inch (cut to size), or $20 - $30 per square inch (bulk).

We have made a special purchase of ultra high quality aerospace type 100W broadband dielectric. Although we have only been able to test it up to 40W (the biggest laser we have), this mirror is the best we have ever seen at any price.

If you are good at cutting thin glass stock, check out our bulk mirror prices, and save big!
Not responsible for mirror stock shattered while attempting to cut.

Current (custom cut / bulk) prices:

3mm thick, 3/4" x 3/4" (for MM1). $ 15
3mm thick, 1" x 1". $ 20
3mm bulk (3" x 3"= 9 sq. inches). $ 100
1mm 1/4" x 1/2" (Y galvo mirror). $ 9
1mm 1/4" x 1/4" (X galvo mirror). $ 6
1mm thick, 1" x 1/2" . $ 15
1mm thick, 1" x 1". $ 25
1mm bulk (3" x 3"= 9 sq. inches). $ 120

XY Cambridge Galvo Mount. (NML Brand) $99.00
Right or left hand feed, input beam aligns with mounting holes, standard 2" beam height. OPTION: Available with scanners installed.

XYB Cambridge Galvo mount w/blanking. $149.00
Also available for G120 scanners. Retroreflector style mount holds 3 Cambridge galvos. Fastest non-AO blanking available. Completely adjustable. 30W white-light, high efficiency dielectric mirrors available for retro mount, $18/pair. OPTION: Available with scanners installed.

NEOS PCAOM mount. $8.95
For use with standard Neos brag mount. Allows brag mount to be positioned vertically and horizontally. Slotted "L" bracket type.

MM1 compatible 1" X-Y mirror positioning mount. Now only $39.00
New ultra high accuracy model for accurate alignment of input or output beams on any beam table.

MM1 compatible "L" bracket mount. $7.95
Holds MM1 style mount at standard 2" height. 1" wide x 1/4" thick, rigid construction. Normally used with the "Dual height swivel block" below.

MM1 compatible open ended "L" bracket mount $8.95
Same as above, but with vertical open ended slots. Normally used with the "Dual height swivel block" below.

MM1 compatible Dual height swivel block. $8.95
1.25" long x 1" wide x 1/4" thick, with 8-32 countersunk hole on one end, and two 1/4-20 threaded holes on the other. Gives added reach to MM1 style positioner & L bracket combo, plus adapts the 8-32 hole of the MM1 to the 1/4-20 hole/slot of the "L" bracket.

GM 20 compatible brackets. $8.95
1/8" thick L bracket with mounting holes for GM20 style actuator. 1" shaft height, standard 3/8" hole on base allows offset in any direction with washer/screw combination.

GM 20 compatible solid flag. $7.95
1/4" wide, with 2" reach. Dual access setscrew attachment to shaft. For beam blocking or medium speed beam switching.

GM 20 compatible low mass flag. $8.95
Same as above, but flag portion has multiple in-line holes, to reduce mass and increase speed. For high speed color and beam switching.

Standard fiber input coupler. $395.00
Accepts SMA fiber cable connectors. Precision X-Y-Z adjustment, with 20W optics. 2" beam height and 1/4-20 mounting holes. Solid, repeatable, efficient performance.

"HQ" Fiber system - $1200.00
Smallest beam size you will ever see out of a fiber.
Ultra high quality, 3mm beam output. Includes 100ft fiber.

Standard fiber output coupler. $95.00
SMA fiber cable connector. Precision Z adjustment, X-Y precision preset. 20W optics, dust sealed 1/2" dia. x 2" long cylindrical housing.

8" bounce mirror mount. $75.00 Mirror not included.
For FS mirror, add $12.00. Heavy duty clamp, add $7.95. Yoke and stacked plate with precision X-Y adjust.

4" bounce mirror mount. $55.00 Mirror not included.
For FS mirror, add $7.00. Heavy duty clamp, add $7.95. Yoke and stacked plate with precision X-Y adjust.

Bounce mirror fan and burst diffraction grating overlays.
Fan 8"=$20, 4"=$5.    Burst 8"=$10, 4"=$2.50
Causes standard bounce mirrors to emit a fan or burst of beams. Washable high power holographic type, easy to apply.

Complete beam table projector bases. Uncertified export $1195.00, CDRH certified $1995.00
12" x 24" x 12" black anodized rectangular box. Both upper & lower levels are 1/4 thick, drilled & tapped every square inch, for 1/4-20 optical breadboard. CDRH certified version has top cover, interlocks, certification labels. New smaller size available.

Beam table mirror. For galvos, MM1's, etc.
Highest quality, 99% reflective, white light, high power handling. 1/4" X 1/2" $9.00, 1"x1" $20, other sizes available.

Beam splitters and dichros. Cut to your spec. Lowest pricing.
Example: 1/2" X 1/4" $9.00. RGB, CMY, 50/50, 30/70, etc. Smaller & larger sizes available.

General scanning 124 galvo General scanning 124 Galvo
Medium speed galvo for cost-effective image projection.
Cost: $195 - $349 Used/New (subject to availability)
NML Low cost fiber system NML Low cost fiber system
Beam from laser goes into the input coupler and travels down the fiber. The beam exits (somewhat larger) from the small output coupler at the other end. Includes 100 ft. fiber. "HQ" (High Quality) version available.
Cost: $590 (HQ version $1200.)
NML Brackets for GM20 style actuators NML Brackets for GM20, MFE, other style actuators
Holds galvo/flag combination in desired position, in order to swing down into the beam.
Cost: $8.95 - $49
Medium speed GM20 driver Medium speed GM20 driver
This bi-polar amplifier can drive (4) GM20 style low speed galvo(s) in both directions.
Cost: $249
<strong>X29</strong> Laser Lightshow Software X29 and Full-Auto Laser Lightshow Software
One of the best selling laser lightshow controller software packages in the world, NML controllers are very powerfull, fast, and easy to use.
Cost: $1495 - $5995
"L" Brackets "L" Brackets
For holding various optical components (such as MMI mirror positioners) on a beam table.
Cost: $7.95 - $8.95
124 Accellerator Driver Card 124 Accellerator Driver Card
Allows economical GS124 open loop galvos to perform within 75% of the performance of GS120PD closed loop galvos.
Cost: $99 - $149
Omnichrome (and others) Air Cooled Argon Laser Omnichrome (and 60x) Air Cooled Argon Lasers w/supply
Available in several power ranges from 60mw to 200mw.
Cost: $1495 - $3995 (subject to availability)
High Power Hene Laser High Power Hene Laser
Low power red lasers are now solid state, but for high power applications, surplus Hene lasers offer 15-40mw of power or more.
Cost: $295 - $1500 (subject to availability)
Mirror Positioner with LBracket and Swivel Block Mirror Positioner with LBracket and Swivel Block

Cost: $46.90 ($29 + $8.95 + $8.95)
X-Y-Blanking Mount X-Y-Blanking Mount
X-Y-Blanking Mount for Cambridge 6800HP scanners. OPTION: Available with scanners installed.
Cost: $149, retro mirrors (2): $18, 6210 adapters (3): $30

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