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We are constantly coming across great deals on new, used, scratch & dent, and one of a kind specials. Not everything is listed, so give us a call or E-Mail if you are interested.
This months specials:

Technicians special.

(hackers special)

Complete high quality graphics and beam capability for only $2689.00
Compare to other systems costing over $5000!
Components include galvos & drivers, graphics controller, laser with blanking.
Requires Pentium or higher computer.

Items SCAN-3080, LD-5, X29-lite

NML has acquired a limited number of sets of laser components that can be used to easily construct an experimental non-certified laser lightshow projector head. It is is sold as a group of components only. It is not certified by any government agency, and is intended for experimental Class-1 use (although some of our overseas customers have used it with everything from 60mw air cooled Argons, to large water cooled lasers). With the addition of an AC power cord and a few minutes of low tech assembly, the result is a completely functional laser lightshow projector system capable of high quality graphics, beams and text. If you use your own computer, the total cost is well under $3000, including the X29-lite controller, complete with our huge laser graphics and animations library.

Total price   $ 2589.00 (add $200 for high performance version)

Medium power air cooled system. $9,875.00 [SOLD OUT]

We usually don't see too many real bargains in this category, but this is definitely one of them. These systems are new or like-new (maybe 100 hours of use), and were meant to sell for about $30,000 each. They use the very highest quality galvos, and the very highest quality 250mw+ air-cooled Argon lasers. Dichro color switching for green and blue, with high speed blanking. It uses most of the same parts that our own projectors use, so spares and repairs are not a problem. The entire system is built into a heavy duty black anodized aluminum case, and is very transportable. It runs on 220vac 20 amps, but can be modified to run on 120vac (if you can find 30-40 amps). All parts are guaranteed by us for one year. You will need a computer (about $995) and one of our X29 laser controllers ($1495 or $2995, etc.).


One-of-a-kind Specials
One Year Warranty