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From low cost to full tilt, in any price range, X29 and Full-Auto laser controllers outsell the competition.
Here's why:

(1) High Performance. NML products offer an outstanding level of fully automatic, high performance features.
(2) Cost. The most "bang for the buck" in the $1500, $2000, $3000, and $6000 price ranges.
(3) Ease Of Use. You don't need to know formulas, algorithms, or computers... NML does it all for you.
(4) Upgrade capability. You get full trade-in value toward the next model up.
(5) Speed. When you've got to produce results immediately, experts agree that NML is the only choice.
(6) SMPTE music cue. Our easy SMPTE feature requires no programming whatsoever.
(7) Free library of full color Laser graphics animations, created by award winning artists.
(8) Company logos can be instantly scanned in with our unique hand scanner software.
(9) Beams. The worlds easiest and quickest full color mid-air 3D beam generation.

And let's not forget... money back guarantee. It won't take you 30, 60, or 90 days to learn NML products. Even people who do not speak or read the English language will learn how to produce professional laser lightshows in less than ten days, or your money back.

SOFTWARE DESCRIPTIONS: NML's line of laser lightshow controller software uses our unique "Visualization Programming Method", which employs a combination of power and ease of use that remains unsurpassed in the Laser Lightshow industry. In many cases, other manufacturers talk about new "breakthrough" features they have developed, that have actually been in NML software for years. "No-Code" means that complex programming tasks that previously took hours of "script" programming, have been simplified into easy "slider moving" and "button clicking" operations. Our "Quick Effects" feature further reduces programming time by allowing the user to select an effect from a "pick list", that is then instantly applied to a frame, scene, or text.

All NML laser controllers include a revolutionary new feature called "Show Builder".

In the past, all laser lightshow software required the use of cryptic 8 character file names to represent each graphic that could be used in a show. You would have to KNOW that "cat142.grf" was an animation of a cat climbing a tree. You would then have to type in that name, or bring up a dialog box to be able to double click on it, in order to add the scene to the current show. Then you would have to start all over again for the next animation. If your show includes dozens of animations, it can be a tedious task to say the least.

Now, with Show Builder, all of your laser animations are visually cataloged. You see the pictures you want, and now all you have to do is to sequentially click on them to build the show.

Showbuilder pic


X29-2 is the easiest to use full featured true 3D system on the market. It is perfectly suited to creating long, complex shows from scratch. No programming knowledge required. Utilizing the latest in Virtual Reality style instant feedback, X29-2 attacks the most time consuming aspect of Laser Lightshow development... generating animations. Here are just a few of our easy to use features (a complete listing would take several pages): Free-form 3D editing using a new method that is much easier and faster than CAD style 3D editing. Trace scanned-in bitmapped pictures or roto-scope captured frames from live video. Multiple block animate (for figures with jointed & articulated arms, legs, etc.) combined with our unique Turbo-Tween feature, allows tedious animation tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time previously required with other systems, and produces incredibly natural, life-like motion. Follow path function allows both individual frame images and complete 3D animations to follow an arbitrary curved path, with progressive rotational and scaling factors, combined with any number of other effects. Incremental 3D Cylinder Wrap, Sphere Wrap, Extrude, etc. Multi-channel operation, for projecting up to four different animations in completely different directions at the same time, from a single set of galvos. On screen preview, so that Frames, Scenes, and complete Shows can be viewed in full color motion on the computer screen, without even having to turn on your laser. Trigger inputs for remote control. Trigger outputs for controlling external devices. Completely automatic SMPTE coding. Real-time que for timing shows from tape or CD without SMPTE. Real-time image manipulation while show is running. X29-2 (as well as X29-1 and X29-light) come with an ultra high quality image and animation library by the award winning artists at Aura Technologies and Laser F/X International. $5995.00

X29-1 provides near X29-2 performance at a much lower price. Although exactly the same in appearance as X29-2, X29-1 is a 2D system, allowing you to apply 3D rotations to 2D objects. Several of the more advanced animation features are absent (such as follow path), and only two animations can be simultaneously projected from a single set of galvos. $2995.00

X29-light is lower in price, yet is exactly the same in appearance as X29-2 and X29-1. In fact, animations and shows that were produced on the more advanced products can be run on lite, making it a great way to save money on fixed installations. Initially we envisioned X29-light as a play-only system, and later decided to add the 2D frame editor, "Quick Effects" options, and show building capability, to allow greater versatility in low cost installations. $1495.00

X29-RTV allows you to use our hand scanner to digitize directly from business card logos or printers clipart books, and produce high quality ILDA compatible laser images in less than two minutes. No need for digitizing pads or free-hand mouse drawing. $1495.00

Full-Auto     The "International" laser lightshow controller.
Great for non-English speaking users! Large "International Icons" are used for most of the user interface, rather than buttons with words. Although all NML software is easy to use, our new Full-Auto laser controller program takes ease of use to a higher level. Now anyone can perform great laser shows with mixed graphics, beams, 3D effects, and text, on the fly, in real-time. When using a touch screen , you don't even need a keyboard. You just touch the pictures of the graphics you want (the dancers, the girl, the beams, the company logo, etc.) and they are instantly added to the current show. You can then "Hot Key" them from the keyboard, or trigger from DMX, MIDI, SMPTE, or even standard lighting touch panels. You can also apply 3D rotations in real-time, as the show is running. Our easy "Auto-Trace" feature can convert most line drawings and solid logos (BMP files) into laser projectable images. Although extremely easy to use, Full-Auto does not support some of the more advanced animation features found in our more expensive products, X29-1 and X29-2. However... an owner of X29-1 or X29-2 may obtain a free copy of Full-Auto, which will work with the X29 circuit card. That way, you can program complex animations on X29, but use Full-Auto to run them. $1995

Now Available... Full-Auto Pro!

X29-The Demo You can download a completely functional demo of our award winning X29-2. You can draw, animate, build a show, add text and beams, then preview in full color motion on the computer screen. Soon to be available: Full-Auto demo version. Download Demo Software.

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