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In addition to being a software developer and hardware manufacturer, NML also deals in surplus wholesale Laser equipment, allowing savings of up to 50% on the rest of your system. As you might expect on surplus equipment, these quotes are subject to availability. In most cases, the Lasers are new surplus or factory refurbished, and carry a 90 day to one year guarantee, depending on make and model. As with the original "new" product manufacturer, the guarantee does not cover tube breakage, damage to optics, or problems caused by surge or overload. All other system components are new, and come complete, pre-loaded with images, and ready to run.


Big laser performance, small laser price...

Xtreme-Beam is much brighter than most other low cost systems, utilizing the maximum power allowed by law (in the USA) without a special license or insurance. The human eye sees our 532 nm wavelength laser as being up to 5 times brighter (5mw looks like 25mw). For installations where U.S. certifications are not a concern, higher power lasers are available (20mw looks like 100mw!).

Xtreme-Beam combines a high brightness Frequency Doubled YAG laser with ultra high speed scanners and our Full-Auto controller. The system includes a Pentium computer with VGA monitor, running a new easy to use version of our professional X29 laser lightshow software, which is currently used by theme parks and touring groups around the world.

DJ's Dream!
Our ISA laptop option makes Xtreme-Beam the most portable professional laser system available at any price. If you're doing gigs on the road, this is the hot ticket.

Easy to use!
With the optional VGA touch screen, you simply touch the picture or beam pattern you want, and it is instantly projected. You can trigger with hot keys on the computer keyboard, add a standard lighting touch panel, or use a SMPTE, MIDI, or DMX converter. It's all plug and play.

Major Beams!
Very high brightness from a low power system.

Easy Text!
Sharp text with easy user interface.

High Resolution Graphics.
High speed, high resolution scanners with built-in overload protection. More than twice the speed of other low cost systems.

Total system cost is only $8995 complete (Low power 5mw).
Medium power 50mw system $9995 complete.
High power 100mw system $10,995 complete.
Includes Pent 4 desktop computer. Laptop available at additional cost

Small Club System

Large Club System

Theatre / Arena System

Outdoor / Stadium System

Also available: Full color RGB add-on options available on most systems. Ultra high power green Yag systems available for large outdoor displays and beams. Ask about complete installation, training, legal certifications, insurance.

Call for pricing and availability on 4 different types of foggers:
High and low output polyfunctional alcohol type (standard fogger). $99 - $2000
High and low output hazers. (Ultra small particle size enhances laser beams). $500 - $3000

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